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Dentist Eden Prairie

“At Brilliant Dentistry, from the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like family, not just a patient.

Everyone is so kind and professional. Their care exceeded all expectations.

I’ve ground my teeth since I was a child and began wearing a night guard too late in life, so my teeth were at a point that something needed to be done.

Samantha, Cayla and Dr. Bril took the time to explain all my options, answer every question and address every possible concern, ensuring I was comfortable at each step in the process. I could not be more pleased with the results and highly recommend Brilliant Dentistry.

I actually miss going to the dentist more often.

Thank you!”
– Peter

“My whole life I never liked my smile. I have had some previous orthodontic work when younger that removed several teeth to get my teeth straight. Even though they were straight they never looked quite right. I went through many consults with other dentists and orthodontists and they all recommended jaw surgery. Dr. Bril and his team took a unique approach to my situation. They really took the time to figure out what was important to me and how we could best achieve that without surgery. I now have a smile I am extremely confident in. So much Gratitude to Dr. Bril and his team, they completely changed my life.”
– Thomas

“I had a history of headaches for 15 years before consulting with Dr. Bril. He developed a treatment plan that we thought would help me. Dr. Bril made me an orthotic which helped alleviate my pain. After a month of wearing the orthotic and having no headaches, we knew that’s where my bite had to be. Dr. Bril put my bite in the correct spot and I have been pain-free ever since. I appreciate Dr. Bril for helping me get rid of my pain. My quality of life has improved greatly. I am forever grateful to him and his team.”
– Lisa

“During my regular dental cleaning, I was told I needed a few teeth worked on. Dr. Bril talked with me about these teeth, but he also took the time to explain different treatment options to me. Most of my life, I’ve had dark, stained teeth because of a medicine from my childhood. I always thought it was just something I was stuck with forever. But when Dr. Bril discussed an option to address the health of my teeth and brighten my smile, I knew it was the right choice. As an older woman who had lived with a dark smile for so many years, I was so pleased to see my new, white smile. I was shocked that it made me look years younger. Thank you, Dr. Bril and the entire team at Brilliant Dentistry for taking care of me and helping me feel (and look) great again!”
– Annette

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