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When Is It Too Late To Fix Your Teeth? | Dentist in Eden Prairie

We get this question all the time, the answer is, “It’s never too late!”. You may have a lot going on with your mouth. Thanks to advanced dental technology and training, Dr. Kevin Bril and the team at Brilliant Dentistry can repair and restore any issues that may be affecting your oral health. Here’s why the time to fix your teeth is now!

How do I know I need to fix my teeth?

Teeth Issues

The first thing to go downhill in your mouth is typically the teeth, and that can come in the form of loose teeth, cracked teeth, spots on the teeth, darkening of the teeth, and more. In other words, your teeth no longer look like they used to when you were a kid. Do you remember having better teeth when you were younger? If you remember a confident, healthy looking smile from years past and you notice a change now, chances are your teeth have some issues. If you’re hiding your smile or shying away from social events because you don’t want people to look at your teeth or smell your breath, you definitely have mouth issues that need to be addressed. Even if you have jagged teeth or discolorations that make you self-conscious, it’s an almost-sure sign it’s time to take a closer look at your teeth. And finally, if you have pain of any kind, including persistent headaches or jaw pain, it’s time to stop in to Brilliant Dentistry to take a look at what’s happening with your teeth. These problems can all be related, but more on that later.

Gum Issues

Gums are the tissue the teeth attach to, and they are every bit as vital to mouth health as the teeth themselves. Gum issues can present themselves as discoloration of the gums, swelling, bleeding, and pain. If you have any of these issues—and particularly pain—it’s time to come see Dr. Bril. There is also a chance you have bone issues if you have gum issues. Bone issues, while more serious, are still not a deal breaker when it comes to fixing your teeth. Dr. Bril specializes in complex, comprehensive dental cases that other dentists think are lost causes. On a routine basis, he also corrects issues that are far too complicated for the average dentist.

Headaches and Jaw Pain

Mouth issues can manifest themselves in a lot of different ways. If you have persistent headaches due to TMJ along with a tight upper back and neck that never seem to give you any relief, there’s a good chance it’s actually coming from your mouth. Same goes with jaw pain. Cracking, popping, lockjaw and all sorts of other issues can be corrected by fixing the teeth and mouth.

So whether you have gum issues, teeth issues, jaw pain or headaches, you can sleep well knowing they can be fixed. It’s never too late, especially with the creative solutions Dr. Bril has to offer. He uses his years of training and experience to tailor a dental plan specifically for you, making sure it fits your lifestyle and health goals. The team at Brilliant Dentistry works together to provide consultation and treatment in a relaxing, calm atmosphere that focuses on one patient at a time. Call Dr. Bril today at (952) 944-2052 to schedule your consultation.

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