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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? | Dentist Eden Prairie

Dental implants are a more elegant solution —when properly fitted and sourced from high quality materials—give you the look and feel of your natural teeth. If the goal is to get to natural teeth, then why do you need implants? Well, you may already know the answer to the last question. If your natural teeth are still serving you properly, you may not need dental implants. But if your teeth are stained, cracked, chipped, missing or otherwise unsightly or causing you issues, it’s time to think about dental implants. So another way to say it would be that dental implants give you your natural teeth back, but in most cases they are even better than your original teeth.

How Much Should Dental Implants Cost in Minneapolis?

So let’s get down to cost. This is a tough answer because everyone’s mouth is so different, and at Brilliant Dentistry we treat each patient as a unique individual. This means that where one patient’s mouth may be healthy except for a few problem areas, another patient may need a full mouth reconstruction to get back onto a healthy track. Either way, at Brilliant Dentistry we will provide a cost-effective solution with a number of options to fit your budget. These options will include as much value as possible, meaning Dr. Bril will use his years of unique training to provide a creative solution that will restore your mouth’s natural look and function. It comes down to cost versus value. You as our patient are our number one priority, so we will work with you to figure out where the most value is for your budget.

Dental Implants in Minneapolis: Cost Versus Value?

In the end, the prices for dental implants in Minneapolis are all going to be similar, so it comes down to which doctor you pick, the skill level they have, the quality of the materials they use, and the practice they have built. At Brilliant Dentistry, our LVIF-certified Dentist brings a whole different level of skill and knowledge to the table that others can’t match. On top of that, Brilliant Dentistry treats you as a unique patient rather than an assembly line, which means we schedule one patient at a time. We know you as a name and not a number, and we will do everything possible to make sure you get the treatment you deserve in an environment free from fear and intimidation. To top it all off, we use the highest quality materials to ensure you have a healthy mouth for years to come.

Call us today for a consultation to discuss your unique situation and how we can help you get back to living your healthiest life with a smile you love. The team at Brilliant Dentistry is waiting to give you your confidence back.  Call Minneapolis restorative dentist Dr. Bril today at (952) 944-2052 to schedule your consultation.

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