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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Look Younger | Dentist 55344

Time is always moving forward for all of us. We can’t stop getting older, but that doesn’t mean we have to look older. If you are unhappy because you look older than you feel–maybe even older than you are–you have likely been looking at ways to rejuvenate your appearance. You might have considered face creams, lasers, injectables, and even a facelift. But have you considered cosmetic dentistry?

At Brilliant Dentistry, Minneapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Bril delivers facial rejuvenation through cosmetic dentistry. With the help of his compassionate and caring expert staff, he can help you look years, even decades younger, through cosmetic dentistry. Here’s how.

#1 Brighter Smile

One of the most obvious impacts that age has on your smile is a loss of brilliance. Over time, your teeth naturally darken because of exposure to staining chemicals in foods. Because this is natural, it’s a sign of age that people readily and unconsciously notice when gauging your age. Habits like smoking and drinking wine, tea, or coffee can speed up the discoloration of your teeth even further.

But tooth discoloration doesn’t just come from the outside. Sometimes foods, drinks, and even aggressive oral hygiene can wear down your tooth enamel. As the enamel thins, the darker interior of the tooth can show through. Worse yet, for some people, the internal tooth color can darken, making the teeth look yellow, brown, or gray from within.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help combat all these sources of tooth discoloration. For surface stains, even regular professional cleanings can help your smile keep looking younger. However, as we age, we might benefit from teeth whitening. Teeth whitening breaks down the stains on your teeth to make them look brighter. This works well for any surface stains. With teeth whitening, the brightness of your teeth is limited by the natural color of your enamel and the internal coloration of your teeth.

If discoloration comes from thin enamel or internal discoloration, Minneapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Bril will likely recommend porcelain veneers. By covering your teeth with attractive, natural-looking ceramic, veneers can brighten your smile and rejuvenate your appearance.

#2 Youthful Tooth Shapes

It isn’t just the color of your teeth that changes with age. Over a lifetime of biting and chewing–plus teeth clenching, grinding, chipping, and more–the shape of your teeth can change. As we get older, our teeth will become shorter, which makes them look more squat and square. Youthful teeth look more rectangular and slender, especially the upper central incisors–the two teeth in the middle of your smile on the top. For many people, the upper central incisors start larger than the lateral incisors, the teeth on either side of the central two. However, with wear, your smile can gain a uniform flatness. Even the canines–the pointy teeth next to the incisors, can wear down and get flat.

Cosmetic dentistry can restore the youthful proportions of your teeth. Minneapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Bril will usually choose porcelain veneers to restore the proportions of youthful teeth. These can build up your teeth at the same time as they’re covering discolored teeth to give your smile back both the color and shape of a youthful smile. Depending on how much building up your teeth need, Dr. Bril might recommend dental crowns instead. Dental crowns cover more of your teeth than veneers and might be a better choice when we’re substantially building up your teeth.

#3 Non-Surgical Facelift

The shape of your teeth affects more than your smile. Your teeth are an essential part of the support structure for your face. Your teeth, bones, skin, muscles, and more all develop together, creating a harmonious combination that shapes your youthful face. However, as teeth wear down–or are lost–with age, it disrupts this balance. The shrinking facial structure makes it so the skin, which hasn’t shrunk and might even have stretched with age, must sag, fold, or hang loosely from your face.

The imbalance between the skin and the facial support can contribute to effects of aging like:

  • Facial wrinkles, especially around the mouth
  • Thin lips
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Witch’s chin
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck

Procedures that try to correct these aging effects without restoring the support of your face can distort your appearance. A facelift can be the worst because plastic surgeons look at hanging skin as excess. They cut this excess away, then stretch the remaining skin and muscles tight over your face. Since your facial structure has changed, this can distort your appearance, making you look like someone else or even giving you a strained, “windswept” look.

Minneapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Bril uses a non-surgical facelift to restore the youthful proportions of your face. This provides the foundation for true rejuvenation, whether you still want to consider other rejuvenation procedures like lasers or even a facelift.
Even if you’ve lost all your teeth, you can get a similar facelifting effect with the Denture Fountain of Youth ®.

#4 Youthful Confidence

Another big impact of cosmetic dentistry is that it gives you back the confidence you used to have in your smile. Just smiling can take years off your appearance, even without cosmetic dentistry. When you’re hiding your smile because you don’t like the look of your teeth, you’re aging yourself even more than your teeth do.

However, once you get your cosmetic dentistry, you’ll find you are happy to show off your smile. You’ll give off a more youthful impression because people will be impressed with your vivacity and ready smile. The effect can be as significant as the physical changes to your smile’s appearance.

Rejuvenate Your Smile in Minneapolis

If you are unhappy because your teeth make you look older, let us help. Brilliant Dentistry helps people from across the Minneapolis area to look younger, and we can help you.

To talk to Dr. Bril about rejuvenation through dentistry, please call (952) 944-2052 or use our online form to request an appointment at Brilliant Dentistry, serving the Minneapolis area from our location in Eden Prairie.

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