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Dental Implant Surgery After Care

Dental Implant Surgery After Care

Dentist Eden Prairie

Oral surgery, just like any other surgery, requires the skillful hands of a brilliant surgeon with many years’ experience, and that’s just what you get when you have dental implant surgery at the office of Minneapolis implant dentist, Dr. Kevin Bril, of Brilliant Dentistry. Dr. Bril and his experienced, compassionate dental team are thrilled you’re here and want to help you on the exciting journey of replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile to a more beautiful state than you ever thought imaginable.

As with any surgery, you must follow your surgeon’s after-care instructions. When you leave Brilliant Dentistry following your final dental implant appointment, you will have very specific instructions on how to care for your dental implants (and yourself) following implant surgery. The instructions will cover:

  • Medication
  • Swelling/bleeding
  • Post-operative pain
  • Brushing and flossing
  • Diet
  • Restrictions
  • Activities
  • Follow-up appointments

Dental Implant After-Care Instructions

  1. When you’re home following dental implant surgery, one of the most important things to remember is that you should not hesitate to call the office of Brilliant Dentistry should you have a question or problem. While the Internet provides very valuable information for those of us searching for answers, every patient of Dr. Bril will recover in a different way at a different pace. If you call after business hours, one of our team members, or Dr. Bril, himself, will call you back to help as quickly as possible, so please leave us a message.
  2. Take all prescribed medications according to the directions on the label and/or the directions Dr. Bril provided. Do not take more medicine than prescribed, avoid missing doses, and don’t stop taking medication before you’re supposed to.
  3. Important don’ts following dental implant surgery:
    1. Don’t drink alcohol
    2. Don’t smoke
    3. Don’t drink through a straw
    4. Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously
    5. Don’t touch the surgical site with your fingers
  4. To minimize bleeding, please do the following:
    1. Do limit physical activity
    2. Do keep your head elevated with a pillow
  5. Swelling after surgery is completely normal, but to minimize swelling, you may do the following:
    1. Place ice packs on the affected areas for twenty-minute intervals in the first 24 hours
  6. Regarding your diet, be sure to drink plenty of water following dental implant surgery. Dr. Bril’s post-op instructions will have a list of foods and drinks to avoid. For the first week following surgery, only soft foods and liquids should be consumed. After the first week, you can gradually introduce other foods and drinks into your diet, according to Dr. Bril’s instructions.
  7. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is imperative to your recovery from dental implant surgery. You will use a prescribed rinse for several days after your surgery, and warm (not hot) salt-water rinses will be recommended, also. Be very gentle when brushing and flossing, but it’s important to keep up with brushing and flossing as you normally would.
  8. Keep physical activity to a minimum following surgery, and if you have questions about what is and what is not allowed, please don’t hesitate to call Brilliant Dentistry. Over-exertion may cause pain and bleeding at the surgical sites, so please be aware of what the allowed physical activities are after your surgery.
  9. Nausea is a normal side effect of some medications and is quite common following oral surgery. You may feel queasy and weak following dental implant surgery; if you don’t feel better the next day and subsequent days, please call Dr. Bril at Brilliant Dentistry.

Recovery Times May Vary

Some Brilliant Dentistry patients go back to work the very next day after having dental implant surgery; some patients take a day or two to rest and get their strength back. Dr. Bril will make recommendations regarding work and other activities at your last dental implant surgery appointment.

Most patients require six to nine months for full recovery following dental implant surgery, but like with any surgery, recovery time greatly differs. Some will heal much more quickly while others may take a bit longer. Dr. Bril and his dental implant team will monitor your recovery with follow-up appointments in the months and years following surgery.

Dental implants will look like natural teeth, function like natural teeth, and feel like natural teeth. That’s why they’re such a popular option for tooth replacement in Minneapolis. When a talented, knowledgeable implant surgeon places dental implants, they should last the rest of your life, if properly cared for and maintained.

Get Dental Implant Surgery in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Are you ready to have missing teeth replaced and have a stunning smile you’ll show off for decades? If you’re tired of hiding your smile with your hand or have been avoiding social situations due to the embarrassing problem of missing teeth, Minneapolis implant dentist, Dr. Kevin Bril, and his dental team stand ready to change your life with dental implants that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

Please contact Brilliant Dentistry by calling (952) 944-2052 or fill out our online contact form, so one of our team members can reach out to answer questions or schedule a new patient appointment. Dr. Bril prides himself on providing life-changing dental work to the residents in and around Minneapolis; not surprisingly, some patients drive hundreds of miles for his expertise in neuromuscular and implant dentistry. Trust your tooth replacement surgery to the best in the field—Dr. Kevin Bril, Minneapolis, Minnesota’s top dental implant surgeon.

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