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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Dentist Eden Prairie

Brilliant Dentistry utilizes some of the most advanced technology to date for even the most challenging of dental conditions. Backed with extensive expertise and training, your customized plan allows you to receive the care and results you’ve always dreamed of.

Advanced Tools & Systems

Planmeca 3D imaging (CBCT)

This is in-depth, state-of-the-art 3D imagining technology. It allows Dr. Bril to get a complete picture of your mandible and maxilla for a complete picture of your dentition.


Nucalm is an all-natural stress remediation to ensure a comfortable and relaxing dental experience. Many patients with dental anxiety find Nucalm the golden ticket to visiting the dentist again. No medication is necessary! Nucalm uses your senses to unlock your body’s natural calming mechanisms.


T-Scan is a digital occlusal analysis that reveals the level and timing of the force on individual teeth as well as the stability of the patient’s bite. We often use the T-Scan when evaluating your bite for TMJ disorder. It helps us to see where your jaw lies now and which position may be better to relieve your TMJ symptoms.

Bio Pak – (TMJ muscle/EMG tracking hardware and software)

This provides the ability to evaluate muscle and joint function. We use this to identify and treat TMJ disorder.

Trios digital scanner

The Trios digital scanner is an intraoral scanner that provides detailed digital impressions as opposed to impression material. No more goop and discomfort! While this makes dental care more comfortable and efficient for everyone, those with dental anxiety or a strong gag reflex appreciate the Trios digital scanner. Impressions are more pleasant and faster.

Biolase diode laser

The Biolase diode laser is clean, quick, effective soft-tissue cutting with minimal bleeding and post-op sensitivity. We use this for a variety of reasons, including periodontal treatment.

MLS (Multi-Locked System) Laser

MLS Laser Therapy uses a multi-wave, fully robotic laser to reduce pain and inflammation as well as promote soft tissue repair. It’s painless, effective, and convenient with no side effects – it’s a great adjunct to our TMJ treatment protocol.

Is there dental technology you’re wondering about?

Dental technology is designed to make procedures faster, more comfortable, and more accurate. If you have questions about why we use certain technologies, ask us! We would love to share more with you about your state-of-the-art dental technology. Call (952) 521-1132 or make an appointment online.

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